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If a wheel lip or the wheel itself gets bent or damaged, it can be fixed in most cases, for the fraction of cost of a new replacement wheel.  Instead of finding yourself standing face to face with dealer prices for OEM replacement wheels – talk to the specialists at Rennspa.

Whether your rims are made of steel or alloy, it’s possible to straighten them out to where they look great and roll right. Various tools and fixtures, combined with old-style metal forming skills reverse the many forces that may have put that wheel out-of-round in the first place. We also offer cracked rim repairs / cracked rim welding and have a large selection of used factory OEM rims.

If one or more of your wheels take a hit, make sure to get them all checked out. Remember however, that the visible damage caused by a pothole or a curb may be just a visual manifestation of your potential problems. Vibrations from an out-of-round wheel can have negative impact on everything connected to it, like suspension or steering components.